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Databases now-a-days are used for storing companies important details and records. Modern business is all about information and communications and if you have good connections and links in the industry no one can stop you from progressing. Top7keywords has understood the importance of Consumers, Business, Industrial & General Data, that contains useful information and are rather working as the E- Directories for different major sectors Such B2B, B2C, CITY/STATE, PROFESSIONALS, TRADE / INDUSTRY, INTERNATIONAL etc. sectors. Our Database are of great utility for the business players such as Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Distributors, Dealers, Traders, Suppliers, Consumers, Consultants and Service Providers. who can use the information of Data to their progress, growth and can enhance their business prospects.

For the convenience of our esteemed clients we have come out with trades specific Business, Industrial & general Data, that meet the needs of specific industries


FEATURES • Very much Economical & effective source. • Data update – march 2021 • Easy to use in Microsoft Excel • You Pay & Instant Download data • Unlimited Usage of our data • 75% To 90% Accuracy

DATA FIELDS • Name of Company • Name of Person • Full Address •Name of City • Pin code details • Name of State • Landline phone no • Mobile Number • Email ID. • Website Details • Products/Services Details • Business Category/headings

SOURCE OF DATA • Data From Misc. B2B Portals • Misc. Business Directories • Exhibitions Exhibitors Directories. • Visitors from misc. exhibitions. • Members data from MSME / NSIC from Govt. Websites • Data of Exporters/Importers from Various Govt. Websites • Data from CII, FICCI, PHDC, Apima, etc associations. • And Many Many More sources we cover for data collection

CATEGORIES OF DATA • Manufacturers • Distributors • Dealers • Retailers • Suppliers • Traders • Importers • Exporters • Consumers • Service Providers • Consultants • Professionals

TYPES OF COMPANIES WE COVER IN DATA • LTD/PVT LTD/LLP Companies • Micro, Small & Medium Business companies • Govt, & Semi-Govt, Departments • Export/ Import Houses • And Many More Types Companies, We Cover in our data.

FORMAT OF DATA • Format of Data- Microsoft Excel

HOW OUR DATA DOWNLOAD …? • First you Select the Data •Then make Click on Buy  Button • Fill Up the simple Form, Then Proceed for payment • Now Make A Payment through our payment gateway. • After Making Successful Payment, You Will Get Instant Link to Download data. • Now you can download the data on your computer/laptop/mobile etc.