Super Discounted Top 10 Trades Data Combo


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1,25,000 Exhibitors Data From 676 Exhibitions (Exhibition Wise) From 2020-2012 (In Excel Format)
73,000 Companies – All Types Of Machinery Data (In Excel Format)
9,080 Companies – Automation (All Type) Products, Equipments, Machinery, Parts & Services Data (In Excel Format)
19,266 Companies – Auto & Automobiles Spare Parts, Assemblies & Fittings ( For Two, Three, Four Wheelers, Heavy Vehicles, etc.) Data (In Excel Format)
37,560 Companies – Food & Processing Products, Equipments, Materials & Services Related to Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Lounge, Resorts, Bar-becue, Bar, Tent House etc. Data (In Excel Format)
58,639 Companies – Electrical & Electronics Components, Equipments, Fittings, Materials, Services etc Data (In Excel Format)
10,830 Companies – Construction, Building, Hardware, Bathroom, Sanitary, Plumbing, Interior Etc. Related Products, Machinery, Materials & Services Data (In Excel Format)
5,202 Companies – Packaging Products & Materials Films, Foils, Stickers, Tags, Wrappers, Boxes, Sacks, Glue, Adhesives, Cap, Seals, Tin, Can, Thermocol, Cork Sheets etc. Data (In Excel Format)
4,654 Companies – Safety & Fire Fighting Products, Equipment & Services (Industrial Safety, Fire Fighting, Military, Army, Traffic, Road Signs, Detectors, Gates, Grills and Fencing etc) Data (In Excel Format)
3,957 Companies – Solar, Energy & Renewable Energy Products, Materials, Equipment Data (In Excel Format)


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