Super Discounted Top 50 Trades Data Combo


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  • 5 Lacs Business E-Mail Id’s – All India (In Excel Format)
  • 4 Lac Business Mobile Numbers Data From All India (In Excel Format)
    1,25,000 Exhibitors Data From 676 Exhibitions (Exhibition Wise) From 2020-2012 (In Excel Format)
    5 Lac SME Companies (All India – All Trades) Data – (In Excel Format)
    16,819 Companies MSME Members All India – All Trades Data (In Excel Format)
    50,308 Companies – Indian Importers & Exporters (All Trades) Data (In Excel Format)
    83,084 Indian Manufacturers (All Trades) Data (In Excel Format)
    41,175 Companies – Indian Dealers & Distributors (All India-All Trades) Data (In Excel Format)
    42,060 Corporate, MNC, LTD Companies (All India – All Trades) Data (In Excel Format)
    37,000 Companies – International Exporters & Sellers (All Trades) From 45 Countries (USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Korea etc.) Data (In Excel Format)
    1,122 Companies – Bangladesh & Sri Lanka Importers & Buyers (In Excel Format)
    26,971 Companies – China & Taiwan Exporters & Importers (All Trades) Data (In Excel Format)
    16,249 Companies – European & African Countries Importers & Exporters All Trades Data (In Excel Format)
    26,076 Companies – Gulf Countries (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Ras Al, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, UAE etc.) Exporters, Importers & Manufacturers (All Trades) Data (In Excel Format)
    12,475 Companies – South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam) – Importers & Buyers -All Products Data (In Excel Format)
    73,000 Companies – All Types Of Machinery Data (In Excel Format)
    4,205 Companies – CNC All Types of Machines, Tools & Spares etc. Data (In Excel Format)
    9,080 Companies – Automation (All Type) Products, Equipments, Machinery, Parts & Services Data (In Excel Format)
    1,330 Companies – Used Machinery & Tools Data (In Excel Format)
    19,266 Companies – Auto & Automobiles Spare Parts, Assemblies & Fittings ( For Two, Three, Four Wheelers, Heavy Vehicles, etc.) Data (In Excel Format)
    2027 Companies – Electric Vehicles, Bike, E-Rickshaw, Car, Bicycle Etc. Equipments, Accessories & Spares Data (In Excel Format)
    11,000 Companies – Tools (Power, Cutting, Electric, Hand Etc.) Data (In Excel Format)
    1,894 Companies – Packaging Machinery & Equipments – Pouch Packing, Sealing, Filling, Wrapping, Marking, Blister, Coding, Stamping Gumming, Lamination, Labeling, Embossing, Punching etc. Data (In Excel Format)
    58,639 Companies – Electrical & Electronics Components, Equipments, Fittings, Materials, Services etc Data (In Excel Format)
    3,957 Companies – Solar, Energy & Renewable Energy Products, Materials, Equipment Data (In Excel Format)
    5,713 Companies – Security Products and Devices, CCTV, DVR, Safes, Door Phones, Biometric, Access Control, Spy, Surveillance, Locks, Guards and Other Products & Services Data (In Excel Format)
    5,407 Companies – LED, Lighting, Luminaries & Fittings Data (In Excel Format)
    5,202 Companies – Packaging Products & Materials Films, Foils, Stickers, Tags, Wrappers, Boxes, Sacks, Glue, Adhesives, Cap, Seals, Tin, Can, Thermocol, Cork Sheets etc. Data (In Excel Format)
    10,830 Companies – Construction, Building, Hardware, Bathroom, Sanitary, Plumbing, Interior Etc. Related Products, Machinery, Materials & Services Data (In Excel Format)
    37,560 Companies – Food & Processing Products, Equipments, Materials & Services Related to Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Lounge, Resorts, Bar-becue, Bar, Tent House etc. Data (In Excel Format)
    3,815 Companies – SIGNAGE Advertising, Media, Signs, Flex, Digital, Lighting, Display, Printing, Films, Events etc. Products, Machinery & Materials Data (In Excel Format)
    6,411 Companies – Plastic, PVC & PP Finishing Products, Parts & Fittings Data (In Excel Format)
    3,697 Companies – Moulds & Dies (All Types-All India) Data (In Excel Format)
    5,700 Companies – Rubber Products, Machinery & Material Data (In Excel Format)
    1,725 Companies – Material Handling, Mining, Lifting, Earth Moving, Construction Equipment, Machinery, Tools & Spares Data. (In Excel Format)
    3,816 Companies – CHEMICAL Products, Equipments, Machinery & Materials Data (In Excel Format)
    23,581 Companies – Pharma, Medicine, Drugs & Acid Related Products, Equipments, Materials & Packaging Data (In Excel Format)
    2,547 Companies – Testing & Measuring Equipments, Instruments & Devices (All India) Data (In Excel Format)
    42,473 Companies – Garments, Hosiery, Textile, Fabrics, Ready-Made Etc.- Products, Materials, Machinery & Accessories Data (In Excel Format)
    12,880 Companies – Gift & Novelties (All Types) Products & Materials Data (In Excel Format)
    50,000 – Hospitals, Clinics & Nursing Homes (All Types – All India) Data (In Excel Format)
    8,000 Companies – Logistic, Cargo & Transporters (All India) Data (In Excel Format)
    4.89 Lac Companies From North India (Delhi & NCR, U.P. & U.K., Haryana, Punjab, H.P, Chandigarh, Rajasthan etc.) Related To All Trades / Industries Data (In Excel Format)
    3.25 Lac Companies From South India (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala , Pondicherry) Related To All Trades / Industries Data (In Excel Format)
    2 Lac Companies Data From Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nasik & Rest Maharashtra Related To All Trades / Industries Data (In Excel Format)
    1.40 Lac Companies Data From Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Baroda & Rest Gujarat Related To All Trades / Industries Data (In Excel Format)
    24,717 Companies From Kolkata & West Bengal Related To All Trades / Industries (In Excel Format)
    2265 Companies From North East India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura) Related To All Trades / Industries Data (In Excel Format)
    2,111 Electrical Contractors (All India – All Types) Data – (In Excel Format)
    1069 – Warehouses & Cold Storage Data (In Excel Format)


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